Hot wax in County Durham and Newcastle can be hard to find but the good news is we are Durham and Newcastle’s hot waxing experts and only ever use hot wax for all of our bikini, underarm and facial waxes. We’ve tried every top hot wax under the sun to make sure we use only the best available to give you the most comfortable wax possible.

Lycon hot wax
Applied in a thick layer that shrink-wraps hairs as it cools, hot wax only sticks to and removes hairs, not skin like traditional “strip” waxing does. That is why it’s less painful than strip wax and perfect for intimate waxing.
Virtually pain free
Just like Lycon wax you will find up to 50% less sensation than with any other wax. This is because it is the strongest wax available and leaves the skin under the hair untouched.
Short wait between waxes
It grabs hold of hairs as short as a few millimetres, so there is no need to wait for that awkward regrowth.
Even more sensitive
It works at a lower temperature than most other waxes giving you and your skin a more comfortable treatment. As one of the few salons in Durham that use hot wax, we can safely say you’ll be amazed how much less painful it is, making intimate waxing a much less traumatic experience with great results.