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Waxology is all about a passion for waxing.

Waxology started when I struggled to find a beauty salon in Durham that offered a really good intimate wax. It’s a pretty sensitive subject and not always easy to explain exactly what you want so I decided a dedicated intimate waxing salon is just what Durham needs! Other beauticians do a great job of offering a variety of treatments, but I believe it’s difficult to be excellent at everything, that’s why I focus on just one thing – waxing – and do it really well. My aim is to dispel the myth that waxing is really painful. Yes it smarts a bit but it’s nothing to be scared of, especially when it’s done by a confident, specially trained expert. It just takes a bit of care and attention and with the right products and the right technique you’ll be amazed at the results. Whether you’re intrigued and want to give it a try, a seasoned waxee or just after a bit of a tidy up you can trust Waxology to do the job, as painlessly and perfectly as possible. Once you’ve been waxed, you won’t look back! Love Frances x

Our Expertise


Fully insured and specially trained by the industry’s leading experts we’re confident you’ll experience one of the best waxes you’ve ever had!


Kim Lawless
Qualified in female intimate waxing under the renowned “Wax Queen” Kim Lawless.
Trained to use Lycon, one of the best waxes on the market.
Axiom Bodyworks
Qualified in male intimate waxing by the industry leaders at Axiom Bodyworks.
Fully insured by BABTAC, a sign of excellence in the beauty industry.