Waxology are Durham’s experts in male intimate waxing – also known as the male Brazilian, “Boyzilian” or “back, sack & crack”. Trained in this advanced technique by the industry leaders in male waxing at Axiom Bodyworks, we only use extra sensitive wax that sticks to hair and not skin meaning it’s a lot less painful. It lasts for 3-6 weeks and will give you much more comfortable regrowth than shaving. Please note that the intimate waxing service offered by Waxology is a professional service and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. In such cases the treatment will be terminated and you will be asked to leave. We report all such incidents to the police.


At Waxology we offer a flexible pricing policy, therefore these prices are a guide and the final price will be based on the area and amount of hair to be removed. All treatments include blending where required, using clippers to seamlessly blend the waxed, hair free area in to unwaxed areas such as the tops of the legs.

Buttocks & Crack£30.00
Scrotum & Penis£30.00
Groin (Scrotum, Penis, Pubic Triangle)£50.00
Brazilian (Scrotum, Penis, Pubic Triangle, Butt Crack)£60.00
Hollywood (Scrotum, Penis, Pubic Triangle, Butt Crack, Buttocks)£60.00
I’ve never been for an intimate wax before, what should I expect?
Before the treatment starts your therapist will run through a quick consultation to discuss how you usually remove the hair, the waxing treatment you want and what it involves. You will then be left to undress and remove everything from your bottom half and lie on the couch. There’ll be a towel for you to cover yourself during the treatment. You will be asked to hold certain parts throughout the treatment, this is to help stretch the skin while the wax is applied but don’t worry, it’ll be over before you know it. If you’ve been shaving regularly, the hairs may have become quite strong and stubborn so it might not be possible to get everything out for your first wax, but by the second and third everything should start to get in the same growth cycle and become easier to wax and last longer.
What do I need to do before the wax?
Don’t shave or use hair removal cream for at least 3 weeks before, as the hair ideally needs to be around half a centimetre for the wax to hold on to. Don’t worry about trimming, we can clipper it to exactly the right length we need. There will be wipes available in the room for you to freshen up but we would appreciate it if you come for your appointment as clean and fresh as possible.
How long does the hair need to be?
Before your first wax the hair needs to be around half a centimetre. If it’s longer than that don’t worry, we can clipper it to the right length we need.
Will it hurt?
Naturally pulling hair out from the root is going to sting a little but we can guarantee it won’t be as painful as you think. This is because we use wax that doesn’t stick to the skin, it just shrink-wraps the hairs to pull them out. You’ll feel an instant bit of discomfort but it fades straight away.
What should I do after the wax?
Whatever you do, don’t shave! Shaving causes hairs to get stronger and coarser, making them more painful and difficult to remove. The more regularly you wax the less painful and quicker it get’s as the hairs are weaker and finer. You need to exfoliate the area 3 times a week using a body scrub and then moisturise every day. Your therapist will advise you on the right products to use to prevent spots and ingrown hairs. Remember to also check out our aftercare advice page for more details.
How frequently should I get waxed?
Your wax will last between 3 and 6 weeks so we recommend booking your next appointment in this timeframe. Remember the more frequently you wax, the quicker and less painful the treatment becomes.
What happens if I get aroused during the treatment?
It is pretty rare but with the touching that’s involved in waxing the area it can happen. It’s nothing to worry or be embarrassed about, the therapist will simply ignore it and carry on with the treatment. But please remember this is a professional waxing service and any additional inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.