Brazilian Waxing

Looking for a better Brazilian wax in Durham or Newcastle? Or always wanted to try it but never felt quite brave enough? Then look no further! Other beauticians offer a variety of treatments but we believe, when it comes to sensitive waxing, it’s important to focus on just one thing and do it really well. That’s why we only offer waxing and why we are specially trained in Brazilian waxing.But what exactly is a Brazilian? A traditional Brazilian removes all hair from inside and outside the intimate area and between the butt cheeks, but leaves a strip of hair on the pubic triangle. We can take off as much or as little as you like, or create whatever shape you fancy – see our bikini basics page for our full range of options. So if you live in or around the Durham or Newcastle area and a Brazilian wax is what you’re after then give us a try – we promise it won’t be as painful as you think! £35.00